Why Math in Focus?

  • All students are taught mathematics via the CPA method;  first with concrete materials, then pictorial representations, and lastly using the abstract, such as an algorithm.  

  • Students are encouraged to think differently and deeply about mathematics, so they might find another way to do the work, but they have to understand the concept and the pictorial representation regardless of the method they use to obtain the answer.  

  • Students will be challenged with an increased emphasis on problem solving and thinking skills.

  • Math in Focus has the resources needed to prepare our students to excel in math with the Pennsylvania Core Standards' expectations.

  • Instruction will be highly focused and involve more concrete experiences at all levels.

  • Students will be challenged to solve very difficult problems, requiring them to apply their math skills in novel ways.

  • Problem solving and application are well-balanced with skill development throughout the course of study.

  • This instruction will prepare our students for Algebra when they are ready to take it.