Progress Update 12-20-16


  • The committee tasked with addressing the goal of increasing participation rates among students in grades 5-12 in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities met at the high school on December 20.  MHS Assistant Principals Dan Bontempo and Jamie Gravinese, along with Arcola Assistant Principal Ryan Creeden, met with Paul Spiewak, MHS Assistant Principal for Athletics and Activities Paul Spiewak to begin brainstorming on the appropriate path for committee, the committee membership, and begin conversations about the purpose and direction of the survey to be developed and issued.
  • Likewise, the committee charged with addressing the goal of increasing the consistency of activity offerings across district elementary buildings and grade spans met on December 20 as well. This was a brainstorming session on the appropriate path for committee, the committee membership as well as time to analyze the school activity offerings in the district. This group will begin by focusing on determining the fundamental discrepancies that may exist among buildings. Coordinator of Staff Development and Continuous Improvement, Tara Ricci; Ms. Gravinese, and Skyview Assistant Principal John Smink joined Mr. Spiewak for this meeting.  


Progress Update 11-3-16
A call for participation on a committee of stakeholders will be distributed sometime in late January, early February to begin work on the analysis of the district’s current athletic and activity offerings.