Are You Prepared for School Emergencies?

MSD is commitment to school safety and follows best practices.  We continue to assess and improve our safety procedures and programs. We recently introduced a new Standard Response Protocol (SRP), which standardizes direct language nationwide. The following flier explains the SRP actions.  SRP Parent

This SRP provides consistent language, colorful visuals and specific instructions -all of which will make it easier for our schools to communicate and respond during emergency situations. Our schools will practice these responses so that students, faculty and staff can become accustomed to each of the four actions.
The Center for Safe Schools prepared the following video to assist you with your emergency preparedness.

This online presentation is designed to provide parents of children in K-12 schools with an understanding of why schools develop all-hazards plans. Parents will also be given information on ways they assist their families and the school in preparation for school emergencies. This session will also cover actions parents should resist taking in the event of an emergency at their child's school.

Runtime: 20:51

Please view our evacuation procedures for parent reunification guidelines.